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True Meaning of Veterans Day

They risked their lives for our so that we could have our rights and freedoms. Due to their courage, we have many freedoms such as freedom of speech and religion. Freedom of speech is when I can say anything I want. If it had not been for these veterans defending citizens of the United States in past wars, we may not be free right now. These men and women dedicated their lives to our freedom, and this took a great deal of bravery and sacrifice. That is what being a veteran means to me. What It Means To Be A Veteran By Darianna Gonzalez Grade 6 Pulaski Middle School, New Britain Being a veteran means leaving your family. Veterans Day is the day that we set aside to honor those who served, but one day does not cover all the bloodshed. The day is not enough to show the appreciation which is due to the countless number of heroic men and women.

War is horrible, it is death, Man killing his own brother, Is that what we're on Earth for? Just to kill one another? This many is a veteran, He made it through it all.

It means to LOVE your country enough to sacrifice your life if necessary. It means to have FAITH in God, your country, and your beliefs. What it means to be a veteran is to risk your life to help others HEAL when they could not do it on their own. Their ruler or President might hang them, chop off their heads, or might even make them stand in a line and shoot them one by one! Veterans fought so we don't have to worry about such awful things. Why? Because there are many people who want to hurt our country. But, those people who are now joining the military, and our veterans, they are protecting our country from harm. This is what I know about veterans, I hope to learn more about them in the future. God bless those who have lost family members who served our country. We thank the veterans and their families for all that they have done. We can learn a lot from the remarkable sacrifice that these exemplary men and women left for us to follow. We can read and study many of the. World War accounts of the bravery that these soldiers exhibited in war. We pledged every day to our flag, prayed for them, and saluted those who had saved other's lives by giving up theirs. The tragic nightmare will remind us to make our world a better place. The memory, whether happy or painful, will be permanently stuck with them for the rest of their lives. The men and women who helped shape the face of this country through their honor, legacy, and patriotism are those we call veterans. On November 11 every year. We can also join the Memorial Day services that are held in many towns and cities all across America. Together we can reflect on the fact that the kind of life that we enjoy today results from the sacrifice of many men and women that lived before us. Aug 12, 2013. This next portion of your essay (which may consist of one paragraph or several) should cover only the first topic of the comparison and contrast. Compare/Contrast essays take two topics and illustrate how they are similar and dissimilar. In 2007 only a third of listed companies were fully compliant with the Code as it then stood, although individual elements saw far higher levels - almost 90 per cent of companies for instance split the roles of Chief Executive and Chair. For example, the site cannot determine your email name unless you choose to type it. Allowing a website to create a cookie does not give that or any other site access to the rest of your computer, and only the site that created the cookie can read it. La comunicacin en cambio, en la que el mensaje es efmero, requiere simplemente, por su carcter sincrnico e instantneo, la coincidencia espacial, aunque se trate de un espacio virtual, entre emisor y receptor, as como un acuerdo en el cdigo utilizado. Applicant must submit copy of birth certificate. Tuition up to six credit hours The University of Texas at Austin, Student Accounts Receivable, Special Billing, PO Box 7398, Austin TX Exemption for Participants in a Military Funeral Who is eligible What is exempted Where to apply Students in grades six through twelve and postsecondary students who sound. The war ended on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of the year. It was in 1954 that President Eisenhower called it Veterans Day. This is a solemn occasion to remember those brave people who valued their countrys welfare more than their own.

A veteran must love their country in order to leave her or his family for freedom. Not just for their freedom but for all of ours. That is what being a veteran means to me.

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