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Try selling that in an election year. By Jack Beatty The Uses of Sprawl (April 6, 2000) A look at Suburban Nation, the New Urbanism, and how Democrats can reap the benefits of the sprawl they helped to create. By Jack Beatty. The Bumbling Communicator (September 6, 2001) Television has finally found a President who speaks its language. By Jack Beatty. The Man Behind the Movement (August 8, 2001) Lyndon Johnson won the 1964 election, but Barry Goldwater won the war. The Real Real Deal (January 26, 2004) While John Kerry suffers from "terminal Senatitis John Edwards exudes life and optimism. By Jack Beatty. President Coolidge's Burden (December 31, 2003) A recent biography places Coolidge's failed presidency in the context of the deep depression he fell into after the death of his son. Gore's gamble with Lieberman. By Christopher Caldwell The Legacy Haunting Gore (August 9, 2000) Trade, not scandal, is the legacy of the Clinton years that could cost Gore the election. By Jack Beatty The Issues That Aren't (July 26, 2000) Where does George W.

By Jack Beatty Prime-Time Propaganda (January 10, 2001) What the election revealed about Jennings, Brokaw, Rather, Lehrer, et al. By Jack Beatty The Burden of Florida (December 14, 2000) The cavalcade of racial injustice that was the Florida recount.

By Jack Beatty. "A Miserable Failure" (September 24, 2003) Will Bush be re-elected? Only if voters wittingly ignore his long list of failures while in office. By Jack Beatty. The War After the War (August 21, 2003) The attack on the UN will slow our efforts to rebuild Iraqand further undermine our legitimacy there. By Jack Beatty. The Road Better Not Taken (Februay 5, 2003) A war against Iraq could be the most catastrophic blunder in U.S. history. By Jack Beatty. The Track to Modernity (January 2, 2003) In a century of riotous change, the railroad's standardization of time stood out as a challenge to both nature and democracy. By Jack Beatty Plunder on the Right (May 2, 2001) Arsenic, global warming, and George W. Bush's re-election strategy. By Jack Beatty Hitler's Willing Business Partners (April 4, 2001) A look at IBM and the Holocaust, a shocking account of Big Blue's dealings with Nazi Germany, and what some critics have failed to grasp. Try selling that in an election year. By Jack Beatty The Uses of Sprawl (April 6, 2000) A look at Suburban Nation, the New Urbanism, and how Democrats can reap the benefits of the sprawl they helped to create. By Jack Beatty. Fatal Vision (May 1, 2003) Can we control the forces of religion unleashed by the war in Iraq? By Jack Beatty. A Country of Fear (April 2, 2003) Iraq will be better off after the war. By Christopher Caldwell Tagging After Teddy (March 22, 2000) Why Teddy Roosevelt"an egomaniacal weirdo"is an unlikely hero to both Repub. By Jack Beatty The Crooked Timber of Humanity (March 8, 2001) A review of Philip Roth's recently completed trilogy of novels, a "moral history of post-war America with a fierce dialectical intelligence." By Jack Beatty The Search for the Smoking Gun (February 7, 2001) A look at David Kessler's A Question of Intent and the gripping. By Jack Beatty The New New South (September 13, 2000) In recent decades the South has been a Republican stronghold. Times are changing. By Christopher Caldwell Leftward Bound (August 23, 2000) Can you teach a New Democrat old tricks? By Jack Beatty. The Resignation Principle (July 10, 2002) An open letter to Christine Todd Whitman. By Jack Beatty. A Living, Breathing Eternal City (June 26, 2002) A new book on Rome will help travelers there experience the city that Romans know. Air temperature and humidity N/A N/A Road treatment strategy (e.g., snow and ice control) Construction planning  (e.g., paving and striping) Wind speed Visibility distance (due to blowing snow, dust) Lane obstruction (due to wind-blown snow, debris) Traffic speed Travel time delay Accident risk Vehicle performance (e.g., stability) Access control (e.g., restrict vehicle type, close road) Evacuation. Song of solomon by toni morrison literature essays and in her third novel, song of solomon, morrison creates evocative images of urban the his other attempt at grappling with the genocide was 1991's time's arrow. Dancehall music, also called ragga or. The rise of deejay Yellowman in the early 1980s marked the transition from mainstream reggae to dancehall music that. Gold spent much of the week tracking moves in the dollar. The precious metal briefly broke above 1,300 an ounce for the first time since January 2015 but ended the week at 1,288, up 11 on the day but 5 down on the week. Job Information List. I am a Deans Fellow and Ph. D. candidate at XYZ University, currently revising the final chapter of my dissertation, and expecting to graduate in May 20XX. I am confident that my teaching experience and my research interests make me an ideal candidate for your open position. By Peter Davison. The Expulsion From the Magic Kingdom (June 5, 2002) September 11 was America's Fall. Now we need to rethink national defense in an era of national insecurity. By Jack Beatty.

By Jack Beatty. The Party of the People (April 22, 2004) The Republicans, unlike the Democrats, have delivered what their constituency wants. By Jack Beatty. The Faith-Based Presidency (March 25, 2004) You can question Bush's veracity, his grip on reality, and the rationality of his policies, but not his faith.

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