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Only 3 happen in the presence of fog. (Source: Ten-year averages from 2005 to 2014 analyzed by Booz Allen Hamilton, based on NHTSA data). Table: Weather-Related Crash Statistics (Annual Averages) Weather-Related Crash Statistics 10-year Average (2005-2014) 10-year Percentages Weather-Related Crashes, Injuries, and Fatalities 1,258,978 crashes 22 of vehicle crashes 445,303 persons injured 19 of crash injuries.

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Get ready for this: -70 F! That's right, MINUS 70 degrees Fahrenheit! Imagine those wintry days and evenings. I can't even imagine, shucks, when I was in Changchun, China, last year, coaching in the CBA, the coldest I believe, it was close to 20 below there several times in the cold that my bones STILL remember.

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